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Changes for version 0.02

  • Fixed:
  • Logo display in LibWeb::HTML::Default::header(),
  • bug in LibWeb::File::read_lines_from_file(),
  • links to LibWeb's ftp in all pods.
  • various HTML syntax errors in LibWeb::Themes::Default.
  • LibWeb::Admin::add_new_user() now checks if user name contains spaces.
  • LibWeb::HTML::Default now ISAs LibWeb::Themes::Default.
  • LibWeb::CGI now supports without cgi_error() (i.e. pre 2.47).
  • LibWeb::Database_init()'s fatal when there is no database (added rc: IS_DB_ENABLED).
  • the ``require LibWeb::Crypt'' bug in LibWeb::Core::alert_admin().
  • Changed:
  • LibWeb::HTML::Default's header(), sheader(), lpanel(), content(), rpanel() and footer() now return an ARRAY reference instead of SCALAR reference. Sample class MyHTML changed accordingly.
  • sample script lm.cgi: $p_is_just_login changed from '.a' to '.b' and $p_is_first_time changed from '.b' tp '.c'.
  • `use DBI;' into `require DBI;' at line 29 of LibWeb::Database.
  • deprecated rc:Lib_ROOT and rc:COPYRIGHT. LibWeb::HTML::Default and MyHTML changed accordingly.
  • Separated Crypt into Crypt and Digest.
  • LibWeb::Session::is_login() and LibWeb::Admin::is_login() are now deprecated (actually, they refer to the same method). They are replaced by LibWeb::Session::get_user() and LibWeb::Admin::get_user() respectively.
  • Changed the name for LibWeb::HTML::Site to LibWeb::HTML::Standard.
  • Added:
  • `croak' in various places of LibWeb::HTML::Default, LibWeb::HTML::Error and LibWeb::Themes::Default, this makes debugging applications easier.
  • `_parse_construct()' and `_parse_content()' in LibWeb::HTML::Default and LibWeb::Themes::Default respectively. Updated the sample class `MyHTML' accordingly.
  • fatal call in LibWeb::Session::is_browser_cookie_enabled().
  • `IS_DB_ENABLED' option in dot_lwrc file.
  • bodered_titled_table() and enlighted_titled_table() in LibWeb::Themes::Default. Set the standard in how methods should be named in a theme class; they should be named in alphabetical order for easy API.
  • $core->{OS} so that LEAPs can perform some portabililty tweaking according to this variable
  • LibWeb::Themes::tabber(); allows you to add a tabbing navigation bar to your HTML pages.
  • In READEME, added download locations for LibWeb's dependencies.
  • Fatal errors logging ability; added rc: FATAL_LOG.
  • Documentation for is_logout() in LibWeb::Admin.
  • `SMTP' option in dot_lwrc and LibWeb now uses Mail::Sendmail and hence LibWeb now supporting NT platform with respect to mailing.


User authentication for libweb applications
Extra cgi supports for libweb applications
A base class for libweb modules
The core class for libweb modules
Encryption for libweb applications
A generic database driver for libweb applications
Mysql database API for libweb applications
Digest generation for libweb applications
File manipulations for libweb applications
HTML display for libweb applications
Displaying error messages in html for libweb applications
An interface defining HTML display for libweb applications
Sessions management for libweb applications
Default HTML widgets and theme for libweb applications
Various time formats for libweb applications