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Looks if the Alignment Set sentence pairs are in another bilingual corpus, and for each sentence pair which is not in the corpus, it searches the corpus sentence pair with best longuest common subsequence (LCS) ratio. Finally, it detects the edits (word insertions, deletions, and substitutions) necessary to pass from the Alignment Set sentences to the corpus sentences with best LCS ratio, prints the edit list and transmits these edits in the output links file.
converts an Alignment Set to another format
Evaluates submitted Alignment Set(s) against an answer Alignment Set
Place sentence pairs of a secondary corpus at the head of the Alignment Set, in the same order.
apply a function to each alignment of the Alignment Set
symmetrises an alignments
Displays the aligned sentence pairs as a links enumeration or matrix


Tools library to manage an Alignment Sets, i.e. a set of sentences aligned at the word (or phrase) level.