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Changes for version 0.74

  • Fixed tests for Wordnet 2.0
  • Significant updates thanks to Markus Koppenberger and his group at Universidad Pompeu Fabra:
      • morph() now returns an array (it's possible that a word has more than one baseform
      • reverse_morph() does the same ...
      • lookup_synset returns the synsets for all forms of morph
      • the 'functions' are commented now, because WN 2.0 uses the '+' pointer for derivational morphology
      • added functions for domains and domainterms (all_domains, category_domains, region_domains, usage_domains and all_domainterms, category_domainterms, region_domainterms, usage_domainterms). there are also example 2 scripts for that functions
      • some code-cleanup: added -w and 'use strict', Removed some global variables and corrected some typos. Added some comments.
      • loops over all pos-types (index.<pos>, <pos>.exc and data.<pos>
      • changed structure of lingua_wordnet.morph: if there are more than one baseform, the value of the morph-hash will contain both seperated by $DELIM
      • added a function 'global_distance', which tries to find the steps needed from one to another synset. (highly experimental, very slow)
    • scripts/
      • added scripts to show the new functionalities
  • TODO:
    • find someone to maintain the module
    • methods for XML delivery of data


Perl extension for accessing and manipulating Wordnet databases.
Perl extension for high-level processing of Wordnet databases.