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Changes for version 1.19 - 2021-06-09

  • Fix Mojolicious version after v1.18 #23
  • Fix direct video links not rendering correctly #26 Contributor: Bruno Ramos
  • Fix Metacpan author_name detection and tests #29 Contributor: Bruno Ramos
  • Add paste.debian.net support #19 #28 Contributor: Bruno Ramos
  • Add support for https://youtu.be links #25 #27 Contributor: Bruno Ramos


Embed / expand oEmbed resources and other URL / links
Meta information for an URL


in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Basic.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Dropbox.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Github.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Google.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Imgur.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Instagram.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Ix.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Jitsi.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Metacpan.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/NHL.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/OpenSUSE.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Pastebin.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Shadowcat.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Spotify.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Travis.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Twitter.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Webex.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Whereby.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/Xkcd.pm
in lib/LinkEmbedder/Link/oEmbed.pm