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Changes for version 2.001001 - 2016-07-22

  • Parameterized TypedArray/TypedHash constraint generators now check $type->equals and disallow subtypes (without coercion)
    • Lyle Kopnicky observed that the behavior of parameterized TypedArray/TypedHash could have unexpected results. Accepting TypedArray[SubType] for an attribute that isa => TypedArray[Type] adds unexpected constraints; subtypes are now disallowed for mutable types.
    • This implies coercion now works as-expected; for example, a Moo(se) attribute declared as 'isa => TypedArray[Num], coerce => 1' will coerce an array_of(Int) to Num, rather than the broken 1.x behavior of accepting the subtype as-is.


Type::Tiny-based types for List::Objects::WithUtils