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Changes for version 0.04 - 2007-06-08

  • String::Similarity is used to sort retrieved messages.
  • Locale::Memories now supports in-file index.
  • Multiple databases for each locale are merged into one, or 'too many opened files' error will occur.
  • _dequote() is added to fix tokenization bugs.
  • _tokenize() is refined.
  • _token_count_diff() is added to sorting.
  • The bug with non-incremented $pos is fixed.
  • Locale information is prefixed to each message before it is inserted into database.
  • OP code for searching is reduced to OP_PHRASE and OP_AND only.
  • The number of matching set is set to 100.
  • The scoring method is mixed with String::Similarity and token counting.
  • load_index() is added.
  • msgtranslator is added for introspection at command line.


Message Translator at command line
L10N Message Fetching Tool
L10N Message Translator


L10N Message Retrieval