Revision history for Locale-Msgfmt

0.15    Nov 07, 2010
        - General code cleaning (ADAMK)
        - Changes to Module::Install::Msgfmt to make it compatible with
          Module::Install::Share. (ADAMK)
        - Moved script from bin/ to script/ (ADAMK)
        - Moved private tools from dev to private (ADAMK)
        - Picking 5.008005 as our minimum Perl to ensure solid Unicode support (ADAMK)
        - Converted the Build.PL to a Module::Install Makefile.PL (ADAMK)
        - Fixed it so that it actually works (AZAWAWI)

0.14    Jul 09, 2009
        - fix a mess with Module::Install::Msgfmt :P

0.13    Jul 08, 2009
        - act like make when rebuilding, only rebuild things that need to be rebuilt.
        - add a --force option to force the old behavior of always rebuilding
        - make the "use" in versioned to make sure that the correct version
          of Locale::Msgfmt is being used, and add a test to keep this up to date

0.12    Jul 06, 2009
        - unlink the output file before writing to it if it already exists
        - default to verbose (pass -q to or verbose => 0 to msgfmt)
        - die when an unknown line is found in a .po file

0.11    Jul 06, 2009
        - some code improvement in open() and opendir() and error handling (SZABGAB)

0.10    Jul 5, 2009
        - actually upload with Module::Install::Msgfmt this time.

0.09    Jul 5, 2009
        - still require the newer version of Locale::Maketext::Gettext
          when running under CPAN Testers
        - use is_deeply instead of making a string out of the hash and
          then using is
        - add Module::Install::Msgfmt. just replace install_share with
          install_share_with_mofiles in your Makefile.PL.
        - add remove option to remove the source file(s) and all .pot
          files if a directory is being processed
        - add verbose option to print the files that were converted

0.08    Jun 27, 2009
        - again remove the dependency on Locale::Maketext::Gettext,
          there is another problem with its installation

0.07    Jun 26, 2009
        - make the interface a bit nicer
        - remove the msgfmt_dir function (msgfmt now handles this if
          the input file is a directory)
        - more tests
        - always build_require Locale::Maketext::Gettext, now it will
          install correctly
        - improved POD
        - switch the "sample" translation used for the tests to
          japanese instead of french, since the japanese includes
          copyright and license information

0.06    Jun 26, 2009
        - add support for contexts
        - add support for ngettext

0.05    Jun 25, 2009
        - don't run the external script from the tests

0.04    Jun 25, 2009
        - if running from CPAN testers, require Locale::Maketext::Gettext too

0.03    Jun 24, 2009
        - fix on perl 5.8

0.02    Jun 24, 2009
        - add a msgfmt_dir function to convert all of the .po files in a directory

0.01    Jun 24, 2009
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.