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Changes for version v0.48.0 - 2016-10-03

  • ! Escaped curly brace failure for perl v5.25.5 ! permanantly added the Log::Shiras::LogSpace role to ~::CSVFile and ~::PostgreSQL Report classes
  • Added a check in the Log::Shiras::LogSpace default to exclude the substring matching get_class_space



A Moose based logging and reporting tool
Log::Shiras Role for runtime name-spaces
Report Role (Interface) for Log::Shiras
A report base for csv files
Add data to messages for reports
Log::Shiras reporting to screen
Log::Shiras Test2 diag output
Log::Shiras Test2 note output
Add data to messages for reports
Log::Shiras message screening and delivery
Reroute print to Log::Shiras::Switchboard
Reroute warn to Log::Shiras::Switchboard
Send messages with Log::Shiras
Test2 for traffic in the ::Switchboard
The Type::Tiny library for Log::Shiras
Unhides Log::Shiras hidden comments in @ISA