Changes for version 0.02 - 2022-03-29

  • Second version, released to a somewhat less unsuspecting world.
  • Rework module internals to better allow multiple expressions to be parsed together. This removes the atoms, bools methods, and adds some internal state that may need a "reset" call to clear it.
  • Add "codex" method that generates a function that can be called to solve the expression.
  • Add a "walk" method (used by "codex").
  • Optional argument to "solutions" to better work with code that generates solutions for multiple expressions.
  • eg/solver may be of interest.
  • Fix a postderef form that shouldn't have been there with the perl requirements set as low as they are.
  • Fix the all_pod_coverage_ok.
  • Fix the Build.PL requirements.


logical expression parsing and related routines
logical expression parsing and related routines