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Introduction to the whys and wherefores of Magpie


Pipelined State Machine Plack Middleware Framework
Bread::Board Container For Pipeline Assets
Base Class For All Magpie Pipeline Components
Internally added content cache component
Magpie Configuration via XML
Common Handler Control Constants;
INCOMPLETE - Placeholder for future Dispatcher Role
INCOMPLETE - Placeholder for future Dispatcher Role
Request Parameter Dispatcher
Core Event Role Shared By All Magpie Classes
Role implementing the common symbol table interface.
Event Class For Creating Magpie Pipelines
Multi-purpose Dispatcher Magic
A simple Role for dealing with DBI-backed assets;
A Role to add Caching to a Resource;
A Role to add URI Template-like path variable capture;
Abstract base class for all resource types;
INCOMPLETE - Default Resource class.
Resource implementation for DBIx::Class ResultSources.
INCOMPLETE - Basic file Resource implementation.
INCOMPLETE - Resource implementation for KiokuDB datastores.
Core Magpie Event Symbol Table Object
Magpie Pipeline Transformer Base Class
JSON Ouput Transformer
Use Plack Middleware Handlers As Pipeline Components
Use Plack Middleware Handlers As Pipeline Components
Template Toolkit Transformer Component
XSLT Pipeline Transformer
eXtensible Server Pages Transformer
Common Magpie Type Constraints
Common utility functions
Plack Middleware Interface For Pipelined Magpie Applications


in lib/Magpie/Resource/