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Front-end for Mail::Abuse
Dump an abuse report stored with
Leverage the power of Google(tm) to catch abuse complaints
Gather evidence associated to a MAPS complaint
Checks listing status on's RBLs
Extract messages from POP3 server in batch
Request additional information from sites with bad reporting practices
Looks into a number of public DNS blacklists wether a host is listed
Locate SPEWS records
Convert abuse reports from serialized to plain format


Helps parse and respond to miscellaneous abuse complaints
Filter incidents depending on various criteria
Filter incidents according to its origin IP
Filter incidents according to how old they are
Parses a Mail::Abuse::Report to extract incidents
Parses generic logs into Mail::Abuse::Reports
Parses MyNetWatchman reports into Mail::Abuse::Reports
Filter the text of a report within an Email
Parses Received: headers in an abuse report
Parses SpamCop reports into Mail::Abuse::Reports
Process a Mail::Abuse::Report
Assign a score to an abuse report
Explain a Mail::Abuse::Report
Handle the email response to a Mail::Abuse::Report
Match incidents to users using RADIUS detail files
Assign a score to an abuse report
Process a Mail::Abuse::Report
Match incidents to users using a static table
Match incidents to other data using a DBI table
Reads a Mail::Abuse::Report
Reads Mail::Abuse::Report from NANAS via Google Groups
Reads a Mail::Abuse::Report out of a POP3 account
Reads an abuse report through STDIN
Process an abuse report
A plugin for accessing abuse complaints