Changes for version 0.07

  • added Mail::Milter::Module::AccessDB
  • Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDotMX needed a "use Net::DNS"
  • improved Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DecodeSRS parsing to understand Mail::SRS::Guarded munging where the original localpart already contained an equals (=) character
  • added Mail::Milter::Module::SPF
  • added Mail::Milter::Module::MailFakeNull
  • added Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderValidateMIME
  • added method check_superdomains() to Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDNSBL, allowing use of e.g. blacklist with MAIL FROM:<> addresses


Perl extension modules for mail filtering via milter
Perl extension for chaining milter callbacks
Perl extension for wrappering the milter context
emulator for Sendmail "access_db" in a milter
milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching DNSBLs
milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching regex(es)
milter to accept/reject connecting hosts matching regex(es)
milter to reject messages missing a From: header
milter to accept/reject messages with certain headers
enforce MIME header conformance
milter to check for an IP literal without brackets in HELO
milter to accept/reject connections with certain HELO values
milter to check for an unqualified HELO name
milter to reject null-sender mail to multiple recipients
milter to accept/reject mail whose sender domain matches a DNSBL
milter to reject mail whose sender domain publishes a null MX record
milter to use Sender Policy Framework for accept/reject
milter to reject antivirus messages typically sent to forged "senders"
Perl extension to encapsulate a milter in an object
Perl extension for wrappering milter objects
milter wrapper to decode SRS-encoded return path
milter wrapper to delay failure returns
milter wrapper to edit rejection messages