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Changes for version 0.80 - 2017-08-20

  • NEILB got co-maint to do a release that includes META.yml and META.json.
  • Switched to Dist::Zilla.
  • Added COPYRIGHT section to pod.
  • Fixed the NAME section in pod to follow expected format.
  • Added "use warnings" and fixed all the warnings.
  • Manually set $VERSION, as it's used in the code

Changes for version 0.79_16 - 2006-07-08

  • experimental SMTP AUTH support (LOGIN PLAIN CRAM-MD5 DIGEST-MD5)
  • Fix bug where one refused RCPT TO: would abort everything
  • send EHLO, and parse response (for later AUTH implementation)
  • better handling of multi-line responses, and better error-messages
  • Also normalize line endings in headers
  • Now keeps the Sender header if it was used. Previous versions only used it for the MAIL FROM: command and deleted it.
  • No space between "MAIL FROM:" or "RCPT TO:" and address.


Simple platform independent mailer