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Changes for version 0.06 - 2020-01-18

  • Add EXAMPLE5 section to doc.
  • Add new stations to Sri Petaling Line.
  • Add test for ok_map_functions().
  • Fix "Ampang Line" stations.
  • Fix "Masjid Jamek" station links.
  • Fix Makefile.PL for new version of Perl and no default »use lib '.'«.
  • Implement station order.
  • Rewrite XML map to new version with line IDs.
  • Update .travis.yml to reality.
  • Update Module::Install to 1.19 version.
  • Update author github username.
  • Update author name.
  • Update copyright years to 2020.
  • Update to Map::Tube 3.62.


Interface to the KualaLumpur urban monorail system map.