Changes for version 5.0.7 - 2021-02-14

  • Jean-Damien Durand <>
    • Version 5.0.7
    • BNF/README.pod: Fix for events [ci skip]
    • API/README.pod: Fix [ci skip]
    • API/README.pod: Update [ci skip]
    • json: avoid a malloc very often not necessary
    • src/json.c: Fix lvalue on a realloc
    • Version 5.0.6 [ci skip]
    • .travis.yml: -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
    • .travis.yml: debug
    • .travis.yml: asan
    • .travis.yml: java under valgrind
    • .travis.yml: -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo
    • src/json: missing memcpy
    • Work on Int, Nan and number helpers
    • perl/dist.ini: Fix META for bugtracker [ci skip]
    • New method marpaESLIFRecognizer_numberb [ci skip]
    • BNF/README.pod: Update ESLIF :discard definition take 2[ci skip]
    • BNF/README.pod: Update ESLIF :discard definition [ci skip]
    • Version 5.0.5
    • t/import_export.t: Better logging
    • MarpaX/ Put explicit Encode dependency just before the call to XSLoader
    • ESLIF/ Back to an old-style perl mode, this remove runtime dependency on Moo
    • perl/ESLIF.xs: Renaming of external dependencies for clarity
    • .travis.yml: Changed namespace::autoclean to namespace::clean to hardcoded perl imports for CMakeObjects.PL [ci skip]
    • ESLIF/ use namespace::sweep instead of namespace::autoclean, the later breaking overload
    • src/marpaESLIF.c: Fix compilation in trace mode [ci skip]
    • Version 5.0.4
    • perl/dist.ini: Fix detection of Sun C compiler [ci skip]
    • src/bootstrap.c: if-action support on :terminal was missing [ci skip]
    • Version 5.0.3
    • perl/ESLIF.xs: genericStack internals have changed and conflict again with perl's macro that redefine malloc, realloc, free etc.
    • perl/dist.ini: Change bugtracker.rt to bugtracker.github [ci skip]
    • Version 5.0.2


ESLIF is Extended ScanLess InterFace
ESLIF base
ESLIF Event Types
MarpaX::ESLIF's grammar
ESLIF Grammar Properties
ESLIF Grammar Rule Properties
ESLIF Grammar Symbol Properties
ESLIF's JSON interface
ESLIF's JSON decoder interface
MarpaX::ESLIF::JSON Recognizer Interface
ESLIF's JSON encoder interface
ESLIF Logger levels
MarpaX::ESLIF's recognizer
ESLIF Regex Callout
ESLIF Rule Property Bit Set
ESLIF String is any string value with encoding attribute
MarpaX::ESLIF's symbol
ESLIF Symbol Event Bit Set
ESLIF Symbol Property Bit Set
ESLIF Symbol Type
MarpaX::ESLIF's value
ESLIF Value Types