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Changes for version 0.007 - 2017-04-12

  • Jean-Damien Durand <>
    • Switch to File::ShareDir, closes #1
    • dev+
    • Role/
    • Impl/ MooX::DefaultVia removal
    • Impl/Perl5,pm: fix _pushLine
    • IDL/ Support cpp commands at the end
    • dev+: default is the concatenation
    • Impl/ trigger_level call misses @_
    • Impl/ Make trigger_level aroundable
    • Impl/ Externalize trigger_level
    • Impl/ Logging
    • IDL/ temporary code to test the Data::Scan implementation
    • Impl/Perl5,pm: definition of the global namespace
    • Impl/ perl5 transpiling dev+
    • Perl5/ Perl5 architectural types
    • Impl/ Try to make sure internal attributes would not clash with eventual subclasses
    • Perl5/ IDL_charType optimization
    • Perl5/ Type::Tiny version of IDL base types
    • Role/ Removed
    • Data::Scan implementation: dev+
    • Role/ output -> outputDir
    • Impl/ template
    • Role/ Data::Scan::Role::Consumer API compliance
    • Role/ use Data::Scan 0.003
    • Role/ Data::Scan consumer
    • perl5.tt2: init of scopednamePerscope.
    • Moose/namespace.tt2: do not systematically import
    • dist.ini: more prereqs
    • import: dev+
    • dist.ini: Unparsable version for Win32::ShellQuote


IDL to perl's Moose translation


Translate an IDL source to an AST
Perl5 default implementation for transpiling IDL
Default implementation consumer of MarpaX::Languages::IDL::AST::Role::Consumer
MarpaX::Languages::IDL::AST's Data::Scan Consumer
MooseX-IDL base types mapping
Translate an IDL source to an AST - Tools
Translate an IDL source to an AST - parse tree value helpers