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Changes for version 2.24

  • Fixes
    • Patch for 5.21.6 closure deprecation - RT #100507 (Dave Mitchell)


evaluate a mason template and output the result
Index of Mason documentation
The building blocks of Mason
Recipes for common Mason tasks
Frequently asked questions about Mason
Content filters in Mason
Getting started with Mason
Mason plugins
How request paths get mapped to page components
Setting up Mason
Creating custom subclasses of Mason's classes
Mason component syntax reference
Mason tutorial (DEPRECATED - SEE POET)
Summary of differences between Mason 1 and Mason 2


Powerful, high-performance templating for the web and beyond
Implementation of bin/mason
Result returned from Mason request
Performs compilation of a single component
Mason Component base class
Meta-information about Mason component class
Extra component imports
Moose policies and exports for Mason components
Exception objects thrown by Mason
Standard filters
Mason Interpreter
Mason Moose policies
Mason Moose role policies
Defer computing parts of output until the end of the request
Allow $. as substitution for $self-> and in attribute names
Create lvalue accessors for all rw component attributes
Tidy object files
Helper for defining Mason plugin roles
Mason Request Class
Result returned from Mason request


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