Changes for version 0.017 - 2020-04-17

  • New:
    • Added an example script to illustrate the use of Mastodon::Listener.
  • Fixes:
    • Stream parser in Mastodon::Listener can now handle long messages that did not fit in a single chunk (thanks Alexander Zaitsev!)
    • Corrected the minimum required version of Types::Standard


Talk to a Mastodon server
A Mastodon user account
A Mastodon application
A Mastodon media attachment
A Mastodon card
The context of a Mastodon status
An error in Mastodon
A Mastodon instance
A mention in Mastodon
A Mastodon notification
A Mastodon relationship
A Mastodon search result
A Mastodon status
A tag in Mastodon
Access the streaming API of a Mastodon server


in lib/Mastodon/Role/
in lib/Mastodon/Role/
in lib/Mastodon/