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Changes for version 0.52

  • Add "use warnings;" to GMPz.pm.
  • Refactor IV/UV/NV/PV handling inside overload subs.
  • Simplify Makefile.PL.
  • Replace XS defines NV_IS_FLOAT128 with USE_QUADMATH (which is already defined by perl headers).
  • Export Rmpz_get_d() by default. (It was an oversight that this was not already the case.)
  • Add Rmpz_get_NV().
  • Add Rmpz_cmp_IV and make use of it in the overloaded comparison XSubs.
  • Add Rmpz_init_set_NV_nobless and Rmpz_init_set_IV_nobless (just to complete the set).
  • Remove Rmpz_fits_UV_p. UVs are now also handled by Rmpz_fits_IV_p - which is how things should have been done in the first place.
  • Add IOK_flag(), NOK_flag(), POK_flag() functions.
  • Add Rmpz_set_sj and Rmpz_set_sj (despite that the gmp library provides neither mpz_set_sj nor mpz_set_uj).


perl interface to the GMP library's integer (mpz) functions.


in Random/Random.pm
in V/V.pm