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NAME - utility to add a version number to Perl modules

SYNOPSIS --package=<string> --version=<string> --pm-file=<file>
          [--help] [-?] [--man] [--Version]

Runs through the pm-file and adds the requested $VERSION line after the 1st declaration of the package.


Following options and unique abbreviations of them are accepted:


name of the package for which the version number needs to be added


string with the version number that needs to be added


name of the perl module in which the version number will be added

--help or -?

prints a brief help message and exits


prints an extended help message and exits


prints the version number and exits


No arguments are accepted. All needed parameters are passed as options.


$Id:,v 1.2 2000/11/07 15:17:19 verhaege Exp $


Wim Verhaegen <>