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NAME - utility to extract package symbols from a SWIG generated output file and prepare them for exporting from the SWIG generated Perl module

SYNOPSIS --swig-docfile=<file> --pm-file=<file>
       [--help] [-?] [--man] [--verbose] [--Version]

Parses the ASCII documentation file generated by SWIG for package symbols. The symbols are separated in scalar variables, data field accessors (get/set) and general functions. This info is written into the given perl module (also generated by SWIG) in the EXPORT_TAGS hash under the keys scalars, accessors and functions respectively. In addition, all symbols are made available under the ALL key, and made available for exporting through the EXPORT_OK list.

The contents of the pm-file are thus altered.


Following options and unique abbreviations of them are accepted:


name of the ASCII documentation file generated with SWIG


name of the perl module generated with SWIG

--help or -?

prints a brief help message and exits


prints an extended help message and exits


enables printing of info on the exported symbols to stderr


prints the version number and exits


No arguments are accepted. All needed parameters are passed as options.


The current version of is designed for handling output of SWIG 1.1 (Build 883). It is not tested for other releases, but I assume it will work with SWIG 1.1p5 too.

More info on SWIG is available at


$Id:,v 1.5 2000/09/11 13:39:44 verhaege Exp $


Wim Verhaegen <>