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number sequences
abundant numbers, greater than sum of divisors
continued fraction expansion of algebraic numbers
all integers
digits of the integers
prime factors of the integers
semiprimes and other fixed number of prime factors
sequence is its own ASCII digits
balanced 1,0 bits
iterate by calling ith() successively
iterate by searching with pred()
Baum-Sweet sequence
numbers containing digits "666"
Catalan numbers (2n)! / (n!*(n+1)!)
steps in the "3n+1" problem
concatenate digits of i, i+1
cubes i**3
Cullen numbers i*2^i+1
cumulative Psi function
psi function until 2^x*3^y
primes on deleting a digit repeatedly
count of a given digit
count of given high digits
count of given low digits
length in digits
total length in digits of numbers 1 to i
product of digits
multiplicative persistence and digital root
sum of digits, possibly with powering
digit sum taken modulo a given modulus
how many divisors
no common factor with sum of divisors
primes backwards and forwards
Erdos-Selfridge classification of primes
even integers
mathematical expression values
factorials i! = 1*2*...*i
without consecutive 1-bits
number of bits in each fibbinary number
Fibonacci numbers
count of representations by sum of Fibonacci numbers
0/1 related to Fibonacci numbers
sequence read from a file
the digits of a fraction p/q
parity of adjacent 11 bit pairs
cumulative Golay/RudinShapiro sequence
number of representations as sum of primes P+Q
sequence is its own run lengths, 1 upwards
bits of the Haferman carpet
reaching 1 under repeated sum of squares of digits
number of sum of squares of digits iterations to reach a repeat
numbers divisible by sum of digits
sequence excludes its own first differences
steps in the juggler sqrt sequence
Klarner-Rado sequences
sequence of 1s and 2s its own run lengths
number of representations as P+2*Q for primes P,Q
Liouville function sequence
sieved out multiples by the sequence itself
maximum count of a given digit in any radix
Mephisto waltz sequence
Mobius function sequence
remainders modulo of a given number
numbers divided by sum of digits giving a prime
multiples of a given number
numerical version of Aronson's sequence
number sequence by OEIS A-number
available A-numbers
pluggable catalogue extensions
odd integers
palindrome numbers like 15351
Pell numbers
Perrin sequence
cycle length of Fibonacci numbers mod i
Fibonacci frequency and Leonardo logarithm
odd integers not prime+2^k
polygonal numbers, triangular, square, pentagonal, etc
prime exponent flip
largest square root etc divisor
numbers with certain prime powers
how many prime factors
order of primeness by primes at prime indexes
primes with prime number indexes
prime numbers
primorials 2*3*...*p[i]
pronic numbers
Proth number sequence
hypotenuses of Pythagorean triples
integers without a given digit
sequence of repeated replacements
sequence from repeated rounding up
numbers which are a repdigit in any radix
radix in which i is a repdigit
repdigits 11, 22, 33, etc
steps of the reverse-add algorithm
steps of the reverse-add algorithm to reach palindrome
runs of consecutive integers
cumulative digit length of own values
Sophie Germain primes p and 2*p+1 prime
recurrence around a square spiral
continued fraction expansion of a square root
period of the continued fraction for sqrt(i)
the digits of a square root
Engel expansion of a square root
perfect squares
star numbers 6*i*(i-1)+1
Stern's diatomic sequence
tetrahedral numbers i*(i+1)*(i+2)/6
Euler's totient function, count of coprimes
cumulative totients
sum of repeated totients is N itself
count of repeated totients to reach 1
sum of repeated totients to reach 1
triangular numbers
Tribonacci numbers
integers uniquely the sum of two previous terms
numbers with alternating digits ABABAB...
Woodall numbers i*2^i-1
integers with all digits unique


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