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Changes for version 2.030518

  • Pari.xs needed Unix file endings: http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/877f2ec0-5989-11e9-9877-fad08465581c New test file 02_sections.t. Inline-asm creation failed with 2.1.7. my_fetch_named_var() did not compile with 2.1.7. pari_sp not present before 2.2.5. Change all saved avma's in Pari.xs to pari_sp (XXX except in XSUBs!).


Perl interface to PARI.
load Math::Pari with specified $primelimit and $initmem.
utility functions used during configuration of Math::Pari.


in PariInit.pm
in Pari.pm