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Changes for version 2.030523

  • T: in int* tests (etc), upgrade Perl's floating-point numbers T: same for fractions. T: Avoid double-protection of numbers. README-func_codes_h new file auto-dbg/ The logic to recognize gdb was broken. Makefile.PL README-after2_3_5 More clear message about newer versions of GP/Pari. TODO Rename the older and the newer versions Pari.xs (XXXX) As a stopgap measure, change interface13 to "GD0,L,DG" (since "GD0,L,D0,G," is not in 2.3.5, or 2.13.4). (interface 13 "GD0,L,D0,G," called for polred "GD0,L,DG" ???) : func_codes.h is gluing different codes to the same interface??!! t/00_Pari.t Allow for new error messages from PARI.
    • Failed 3/244 test programs. 30/1565 subtests failed. 2.13.4 (1 subtest in intnum.t fixed, 2 new subtests fail) Failed 3/244 test programs. 16/1565 subtests failed. Failed 2/244 test programs. 15/1565 subtests failed. Failed 1/244 test programs. 13/1565 subtests failed. Failed 1/244 test programs. 11/1565 subtests failed. (All due to not using the sub($){...} trick.)


Perl interface to PARI.
load Math::Pari with specified $primelimit and $initmem.
utility functions used during configuration of Math::Pari.