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Changes for version 0.52 - 2020-06-22

    • powint(a,b) integer a^b
    • mulint(a,b) integer a*b
    • addint(a,b) integer a+b
    • subint(a,b) integer a-b
    • divint(a,b) integer a/b quotient (floor)
    • modint(a,b) integer a/b modulo (floor)
    • divrem(a,b) integer a/b quo + rem (Euclidian)
    • tdivrem(a,b) integer a/b quo + rem (truncated)
    • absint(n) integer absolute value
    • negint(n) integer negate: returns -n
    • is_gaussian_prime(a,b) is a+bi a Gaussian prime
    • random_safe_prime(b) random b-bit safe prob prime
    • next_twin_prime(n) returns start of twin prime > n
    • Remove a mod in the AKS test that was in code since 2012.
    • squfof126 was not portable. GMP 6.2.0 changed to lazy allocation causing the code to fail. Rewrote function to be more portable.
    • is_totient for powers of 2 was returning 0. Thanks Trizen.
    • LambertW could fault if given inputs very near the branch point.
    • Trizen suggested binary splitting LCM. Much faster for big lists.
    • Trizen improved speed of lucas sequence for large n and even modulus.
    • todigits uses a subquadratic algorithm. Thanks to Trizen for request.
    • sieving depth for large sizes wasn't optimal on 32-bit machines. Thanks to Seth Troisi.
    • LambertW is about 2x faster due to a better and faster initial estimate.


Utilities related to prime numbers and factoring, using GMP