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Changes for version 2.13

  • SVN Revision
  • Bug Fixes : DBD::SQLite no longer required by Makefile.PL CGI handler now produces response for fatal error (bug 29981) Fix to link macro Fix to redirect_request in Apache::MVC Fix to mime detection by file extension Fixed MODIFY_CODE_ATTRIBUTES and FETCH_CODE_ATTRIBUTES to work with mod_perl threaded model
    • Patch from Ben Hutchings
    • fixes for bug 29982 Inconsistency between examples and tutorial (patch from Ben Hutchings) fixed apache_mvc.t to work with Apache2 (bug #29979 patch from Ben Hutchings) added post_chomp as default option for TT view
  • Improvements : link macro now takes a target argument, and has slightly better pod


The Maypole Manual
Introduction to Maypole
The Beer Database, Twice
The Maypole iBuySpy Portal
Maypole Cookbook
Flox: A Free Social Networking Site
structure of a Maypole application
installing Maypole
Maypole Model Classes
the Maypole Plugin API
Maypole's Standard Templates and Actions
Maypole View Classes
Maypole's Request Workflow


Apache front-end to Maypole
CGI-based front-end to Maypole
Use instead of CGI::Untaint. Based on CGI::Untaint
MVC web application framework
Universal Maypole Frontend
Command line interface to Maypole for testing and debugging
Maypole Configuration Class
Maypole predefined constants
Stand alone HTTPD for running Maypole Applications
Maypole driver class for Maypole::HTTPD
Convenience wrapper around HTTP::Headers
Base class for model classes
Model class based on Class::DBI
Produce HTML form elements for database columns
Model base class based on Class::DBI
Class::DBI::DFV model for Maypole.
Validate form input and populate Model objects
Class::DBI model without ::Loader
Session related functionality for maypole
Base class for view classes
A Template Toolkit view class for Maypole