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Changes for version 0.44

  • Maypole::FormBuilder::Model
    • new param() method, just like CGI's - e.g. used in the new cacheable templates
    • do_edit() sets the 'form_failed_validation' template_arg - used in the cacheable templates
    • added 'view' button to edit form
  • Maypole::FormBuilder::View
    • ensures the 'form_failed_validation' template_arg is always exported
  • Maypole::Plugin::FormBuilder
    • documented how setup() clobbers every subclass's form_builder_defaults() if they were set up during compilation (i.e. if specified inside the package of the subclass, instead of after the setup() call in the driver).
  • Mason templates
    • much-improved cacheing algorithms - now checks if the template or the object has been updated, and if the form has validation errors, before looking in the cache
    • a couple of small cosmetic changes


CGI::FormBuilder support in Maypole
Class::DBI model without ::Loader
CGI::FormBuilder for Maypole


in lib/Maypole/FormBuilder/