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Changes for version 1.03 - 2016-08-21

  • Fixed formatting of images in Pod on Metacpan to not exceed the width of the browser window.

Documentation - create graphs for Moose Objects


Produce graphs showing meta-information about classes and roles
Module supporting command line interface for Meta::Grapher::Moose
Internal constants used by Meta::Grapher::Moose
Render a Meta::Grapher::Moose as a graph using GraphViz2
Render a Meta::Grapher::Moose as a graph using PlantUML
Utility class for Meta::Grapher::Moose::Renderer::Plantuml
Utility class for Meta::Grapher::Moose::Renderer::Plantuml
Role with standard way to specify Meta::Grapher::Moose output
Base role for all Meta::Grapher::Moose renderers