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Changes for version 0.3.0 - 2013-11-23

  • 00 FORK
    • This release is the first release where MetaPOD::Format::JSON is independent of MetaPOD
  • Dependencies::Stats
    • Dependencies changed, see Changes.deps{,.all,.dev} for details
    • build: ↑1
    • configure: ↑1
    • develop: +44 ↑1 -3
    • runtime: +2 -5
    • test: +3 ↑1 -3


Reference implementation of a JSON based MetaPOD Format
JSON to Structure translation layer
Handler for unrecognised tokens in JSON
Implementation of JSON/does format component
Implementation of JSON/inherits format component
Implementation of JSON/interface format component
Implementation of JSON/namespace format component
MetaPOD::JSON v1 SPEC Implementation
MetaPOD::JSON v1 SPEC Implementation