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Changes for version 2.000 - 2015-09-14

  • No new features.
  • Marking dev version as stable.

Changes for version 1.999_002 - 2015-08-10 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • No new features.
  • Tests:
  • Include t/moose-role.t, which uses MooseX::MarkAsMethods to populate a Moose role. Note that passing autoclean => 1 means the ->mark_as_methods call would need to be wrapped in a BEGIN block or similar.

Changes for version 1.999_001 - 2015-08-09 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Features:
  • Mixin::Event::Dispatch::Methods for importing without inheriting
  • Removed mention of ->trace_events_for, this was removed a while ago due to performance issues anyway


mixin methods for simple event/message dispatch framework
importer class for applying Mixin::Event::Dispatch methods without inheritance