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Changes for version 0.03 - 2021-09-25

  • New plugins: Number, Net, SQLTypes
  • Mock::Data::load_plugin now accepts a list of plugin names
  • Mock::Data::Plugin and Mock::Data::Util are now based on Exporter::Extensible
  • Mock::Data::Util can export 'template' and 'charset' convenience constructors
  • Mock::Data::Template now allows ':' in the generator name


Extensible toolkit for generating mock data
Generator of strings from a set of characters
Utilities and optional base class for authoring generators
Wrap a coderef to become a blessed Generator object
Optional base class for Plugins
Collection of generators for Internet-related data
Mock::Data plugin that provides basic numeric generators
Collection of generators that produce data matching a SQL column type
Mock::Data plugin that provides text-related generators
Generator that uses a Regex as a template to generate strings
Generator which returns one item from a set
Create a generator that plugs other templates into a string
Exportable functions to assist with declaring mock data