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Changes for version 0.04

  • Added #.'# to list of files to ignore
  • Added [Label] checks with checks for naming, position and break-statements without label.
  • Corrected regexp that ignore files ending with ~
  • Added missing [Variable] section to sample config
  • Refactored some code to follow my own guidelines
  • Moved config value from into _config and added config method
  • Added [Block] checks with checks for curly bracket positioning
  • Added functions is_valid_position and is_valid_align to M/C/


Check that your code keeps style


Validate that your code confirms to coding guidelines
Base class for checks
Check bracketing etc.
Checks label declarations and usage
Handles 'package' declarations
Checks length, naming etc. of named subroutines
Checks variable declarations
Make sure whitespace is at correct places
Handles configuration directives
Represents a checkstyle violation
Convenient functions for checks