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Changes for version 2.000001 - 2017-03-09

  • Bugfix: Avoid test failures with -Ddefault_inc_excludes_dot
  • Dependencies::Stats
    • Dependencies changed since 2.000000, see misc/*.deps* for details
    • configure: +1 (recommends: ↑1)
    • develop: +13 ↑4 -3 (recommends: +1, suggests: ↑2)
    • runtime: (recommends: +1)
    • test: +1 (recommends: ↑1 ↓1)


Registration Node for the Indexed Trait.
Advertise metadata about your Model-Representing Classes to Any Database tool.
A Trait for attributes which permits various indexing tunables
MetaRole for AttributeIndexes.
Make a class have indexable attributes.
Give a either a class or role indexable attributes.
A role that advertises an object is capable of providing metadata.
A Glue-on-role that provides attribute_indexes data to a class via harvesting attribute traits