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Changes for version 0.00014

  • Recent versions of Moose (properly) unimport blessed() and confess(), which breaks my code depending on it.
  • Recent versions of MooseX::ClassAttribute (properly) makes class attributes /not/ able to be required, which breaks my code depending on it.


Generic Q4M Powered Message Pipe
Base Class For Mvalve Reader/Writer
Mvalve Constants
A Message Object
Queue Interface Role
Q4M Implementation
Mvalve Reader
Role For Keeping Global Mvalve State
Memcached Implementation Of Mvalve::State
Keeps Mvalve State In Memory (For Debug)
Throttler Role
Data::Valve Throttler
Mvalve Related Moose Types
Mvalve Writer


in lib/Mvalve/CLI/
in lib/Mvalve/CLI/
in lib/Mvalve/CLI/Mvalve/
in lib/Mvalve/
in lib/Mvalve/Logger/