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Changes for version 0.28

  • Syncronized version numbers
  • fixed install problems

Changes for version 0.27_02

  • Changed default permissions on the fifo directory to world all.
  • Replace File::Path with File::Temp for portable creation of Temporary Files.
    • Remove command-line options tmp. Also removed from script/mysqlslurp
    • Removed use of _rmfifo, this is automatically cleaned up by File::Temp.

Changes for version 0.27_01

  • Eliminated dependency on self module which was failing unreliably on Solaris 2.10
  • Modified MySQL::Slurp::Writer to not extend IO::File and have the functionality in attribute iofile
  • Minor documentaion tweaks.


slurp <STDIN> into a MySQL table


Use PIPEs to write directly to a MySQL table
Adds buffering / locking writing to MySQL::Slurp