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Nagios::Plugin - Removed from CPAN by request of Nagios Enterprises, succeeded by Monitoring::Plugin


Due to disagreements between the original authors of Nagios::Plugin and Nagios Enterprises, the authors of Nagios::Plugin left the Nagios Enterprises controlled Nagios Plugins Development Team and have continued development in the Monitoring::Plugin namespace - see also the new website at

Nagios Inc. characterise the disagreement as being that the team "kept advertising other products"; the original authors characterise it as thinking that putting a list of nagios plugin compatible software on the site was a good way to encourage the community and demonstrate that nagios is the gold standard. I originally left this off since I felt it only made them look foolish, but according to Nagios employee Mike O'Keefe they "find that truth stands the test of time", and also informed me that if I'm going to make public statements "please be sure to make them accurately, as not doing so could be construed as defamation of character", so I have done as requested.

The original code was left on CPAN with a deprecation notice attached but we were contacted by Nagios employee Scott Wilkerson who, I presume due to misunderstanding the nature of PAUSE permissions, called the package "hijacked" - however, given his opening sentence was "To whom it may concern & CPAN Legal Team", a decision was made to remove that version of the distribution anyway in order to avoid any risk of legal action against the volunteers maintaining PAUSE and the CPAN infrastructure.

Mike informs me that "Simply copying legal on an email should not be construed as a threat of legal action", and that instead the mention of legal was because "We find it easier to get them involved from the start as they tend to understand the gravity of the situation a little quicker than most folks." The difference, if any, between this and an implied legal threat is left as an exercise to the reader; I'm a programmer, not a lawyer, and as such am not qualified to have an opinion thereupon.

Although the Nagios Plugins Development Team required a CLA assigning copyright of the code to Nagios Enterprises, the PAUSE permissions remain with the original authors of the code, and so Nagios Enterprises' version is now available in the Nagios::Monitoring::Plugin namespace. This information was kindly provided to me by Mike since Scott had chosen to stop responding to my emails six months before my first tombstone release.

This tombstone release is made by me, as a CPAN uploader, and not as an official statement from the PAUSE administration - no PAUSE superpowers have been involved in the uploading, merely a co-maint grant by the original authors of the module on the grounds of "we're sick of Nagios Enterprises related drama and would like it to go away".

I have invited both Scott and Mike to propose alternative text if they feel that this release doesn't accurately reflect their side of the situation, but Scott stopped talking to me and Mike outright refused; if anybody is aware of remaining factual inaccuracies, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.


This tombstone release was written by:

Matt S Trout (IRC:mst) (cpan:MSTROUT) <>


Copyright (c) 2015 Matt S Trout.

This not-a-library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl5 itself, or at your option any other Free Software license as declared so by the Free Software Foundation.

Honestly, I'd've put it in the public domain but the idea of somebody restributing it under the WTFPL amuses me too much.