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Matt S Trout


Nagios::Plugin - Removed from CPAN by request of Nagios Enterprises, succeeded by Monitoring::Plugin


Due to disagreements between the original authors of Nagios::Plugin and Nagios Enterprises, the authors of Nagios::Plugin left the Nagios Enterprises controlled Nagios Plugins Development Team and have continued development in the Monitoring::Plugin namespace - see also the new website at http://monitoring-plugins.org/

The original code was left on CPAN with a deprecation notice attached but a formal request was made to the PAUSE administrators by Nagios Enterprises to remove it, and they chose to do so rather than risk them acting on their threat to sue the people who ran the CPAN infrastructure if they didn't.

I believe that Nagios Enterprises also intend to continue the development of the code under the Nagios Plugins Development Team banner.

Although the Nagios Plugins Development Team required a CLA assigning copyright of the code to Nagios Enterprises, the PAUSE permissions remain with the original authors of the code, this will also have to take place in a different namespace. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, my request to Nagios Enterprises for them to pick a namespace and tell me what it was has not yet been replied to.

In the mean time, in order to minimise confusion for people who're just trying to run monitoring systems, this tombstone release has been uploaded to explain what's going on. If Nagios Enterprises provide me with a choice of namespace, I'll make an updated tombstone release to reflect that, but I've now been waiting six months so it's time to ship what information I do have.

This tombstone release is made by me, as a CPAN uploader, and not as an official statement from the PAUSE administration - no PAUSE superpowers have been involved in the uploading, merely a co-maint grant by the original authors of the module on the grounds of "we're sick of Nagios Enterprises related drama and would like it to go away".


This tombstone release was written by:

Matt S Trout (IRC:mst) (cpan:MSTROUT) <mst@shadowcat.co.uk>


Copyright (c) 2015 Matt S Trout.

This not-a-library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl5 itself, or at your option any other Free Software license as declared so by the Free Software Foundation.

Honestly, I'd've put it in the public domain but the idea of somebody restributing it under the WTFPL amuses me too much.