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Changes for version 0.003 - 2006-08-23

  • . fix bug in handling US style dates (Don Collins) . allow use 'Mar 20006' (to select an arbitrary month) in constructor . add some tests of the named Month facility (t/st_et.t)
  • . refactor the __DEFAULT__ handler of the %stime_etime despatch table to use ternary (what C calls 'conditional') statements instead of cascaded if-then-else . allow time selectors to have an optional argument of a datetime. This allows tests to be pre-genned with known dates rather than having to dynamically cope with whatever time the test is called at (see gen_tests, which generates t/st_et_2.t). . modify examples/host_down_report to accept named Months as time option.


Perl class to filter and munge Nagios availability data