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Changes for version 0.18 - 2003-02-28

  • Scrapped the initial code base. The previous implimentation of was flawed in both structure and style. So, over the last week I've completely rewritten from scratch. The changes to the initial implimentation are listed below.
  • server_connection now has forking to say...
  • new method rewritten, so users no longer need to enter all hash variables for object creation. Servers must specify _send_only and _directory only. Clients only need to specify _directory. Both should specify _debug, but it is not necessary.
  • two client personalities, an automated (similiar to the previous implimentation) and and interactive.
  • clients now have the ability to request lists of files which are oversight on my part in the previous implimentation.
  • the mode of handling requests on the server side is now handled by a seperate subroutine (handle_request).
  • for accuracy, I've switched all message passing and file transfer to use the C sys functions (sysread, syswrite)
  • expansion of the protocol which clients and servers can communicate with. This allows for more descriptive messages if complications arise in the request process.


Object oriented interface for the creation of file sharing clients and servers.
Basic utilities for writing tests.