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Changes for version v0.0.9 - 2017-07-20

  • Use SSL communication by default. If this makes any problems, please let me know so I can revert the change in the next version (or better yet: fix the bug). In case of problems, call Net::Fritz::Box->new with upnp_url => '' to revert to the old behaviour.
  • Net::Fritz::Box->new( configfile => 0) will now check multiple locations for the default configuration file, see Net::Fritz::ConfigFile for details
  • various documentation fixes


AVM Fritz!Box interaction via TR-064
represents a TR064 action
main configuration and entry point for Net::Fritz distribution
configuration file handler for Net::Fritz::Box
wraps various response data
represents a TR064 device
wraps any error from the Net::Fritz modules
a Moo::Role discerning all other Net::Fritz objects from a Net::Fritz::Error object
represents a TR064 service