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Changes for version 0.12 - 2013-09-14

  • Fixed failing tests. (HT: shroeer)
  • Added support for the timestamp attribute (HT: shroeer)
  • Eliminate some Moose whineyness (HT: shroeer)


master command for the Picasa Web scripts
fetch albums and photos from Google Picasa Web
list albums, photos, tags, or comments from Google Picasa Web


use Google's Picasa Web API
represents a single Picasa Web photo album
represents a single Picasa Web comment
base class for feed entries
hold information about a photo or video
represents a single Picasa Web photo or video
base class for media feed entries


in lib/Net/Google/PicasaWeb/
in lib/Net/Google/PicasaWeb/
in lib/Net/Google/