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Changes for version 2.500 - 2018-10-06

  • update to Unicode 10.0.0
  • Net::IDN::UTS46: remove workarounds for pre-9.0.0 test vectors; the module now more closely follows the written spec
  • Net::IDN::UTS46: fix validation for some non-valid characters
  • Net::IDN::UTS46: for perl 5.8.x/5.10.x, include workaround for bidi validation where some labels would incorrectly be marked as invalid [B1] because of a bug in perl's Unicode implementation
  • Net::IDN::Punycode: fix for warnings under perl ≤ 5.8.7 (EXPERIMENTAL)


Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA)
Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA)


Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for IDNA (RFC 3492)
pure-perl implementation of Net::IDN::Punycode
Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing (UTS #46)
Tables from Unicode Technical Standard #46 (UTS #46)