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Changes for version 0.0.2 - 2015-02-27

  • Updating dependency list
  • Removing direcotry local/ from final dist
  • Some housekeeping


Perl modules for integration with Iugu payment web services
Net::Iugu::CRUD - Methods for basic CRUD
Net::Iugu::Customers - Methods to manage customers
Net::Iugu::Invoices - Methods to manage invoices
Net::Iugu::MarketPlace - Methods to manage marketplaces
Net::Iugu::PaymentMethods - Methods to manage payment methods
Net::Iugu::Plans - Methods to manage plans
Net::Iugu::Request - General HTTP requests to Iugu API
Net::Iugu::Subscriptions - Methods to manage subscriptions
Net::Iugu::Transfers - Methods to transfer money between accounts