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Changes for version v0.0.21 - 2017-11-12

  • commit 6b9f524dfc176a6960afebb2d8a0fc785351cfb8 Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • minor code improvements in test code
  • commit ae26471a7e153fcd2d866bf9afdb14408a1c8c11 Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • code simplification
  • commit f0e3e966f6314417d7d906ad6b317af0662c7bbb Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • minimum version now is perl 5.14
  • commit e872020b605b6284db07a7c517f3b2a0bc419fb7 Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • improved documentation
  • commit c80f126d4e964365cf1b339d9423926b48aa166e Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • added .mailmap
  • commit 25873a2db8762f8ab74b27b086a1d09b58c938d8 Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • perldoc improvement


Script to invoke the LDAP server.


Minimal-configuration, read-only LDAP server
Constants used in Net::LDAP::SimpleServer
Data store to support Net::LDAP::SimpleServer
LDAP protocol handler used with Net::LDAP::SimpleServer