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Changes for version 0.03

  • fixed unparenthesized qw(...) instances
  • remove unnecessary 'd' modifier from decode_base64url
  • use w/a* instead of w/a for 5.8
  • better test labels


Token scheme definition framework for OAuth 2.0
a host-wide counter
the default factory for token schemes
hash functions and encodings
defines 'token_accept'
implement bearer token schemes
the 'current_secret' option group
the 'format' option group and 'token_validate'
implement http_hmac token scheme
the 'v_id_next', 'counter', and 'random' option groups
defines the root group setup
the 'transport' option group and helper functions
the 'vtable', 'vtable_cache', and 'vtable_pull_queue' option groups
poor man's mixin/role closure builder
functions for creating option groups and default values
random number generator interface