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Changes for version 1.93

  • put_content was not handling optional arguments correctly (bug report by Bas van Sisseren).

Changes for version 1.92_03

  • Write buffer could grow uncontrolled after a connection lost error (bug report by Jozef Kutej, #gh17).

Changes for version 1.92_02

  • Fix handling of out of order responses.

Changes for version 1.92_01

  • Add support for receiving out of order responses from the server (bug report by Dimitar Kolev #rt130641 and ftumsh #rt132768).


SSH File Transfer Protocol client
File/directory attribute container
adapter for Net::SFTP::Attributes compatibility
Read/write buffer class
Adapter for Net::SFTP compatibility
Constant definitions for Net::SFTP::Foreign
access local file system through Net::SFTP::Foreign API.


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in lib/Net/SFTP/Foreign/Backend/
in lib/Net/SFTP/Foreign/
in lib/Net/SFTP/
in lib/Net/SFTP/
in lib/Net/SFTP/
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