Changes for version 0.835 - 2023-01-28

  • #60 from pali/max-forwards Make sure that ACK and CANCEL requests have max-forwards header Add test from qunifi:add-missing-ack-max-forwards #55 (similar issue)
  • #59 from pali/socketpool-peer Fix warnings about unitialized values by initializing rbuf and wbuf
  • #57 from pali/rtp Ensure that RTP synchronization source id and initial sequence number is unique per RTP stream.


manage sockets related to a leg


Framework SIP (Voice Over IP, RFC3261)
enforce authorization of packets
blocks SIP requests based on method name
DTMF RTP packet generating and extracting
debugging of Net::SIP
dispatch SIP packets between legs and endpoint
simple event loop for Net::SIP::Dispatcher
drops SIP messages based on callback
drops SIP messages based on fields in SIP header
drops SIP messages based on senders IP and port
Endpoint for SIP packets (UAC,UAS)
Call context for endpoint
Wrapper around Socket for sending and receiving SIP packets
rewrite SDP and transport RTP for NAT
handle NAT/RTP forwarding using remote process
handle NAT/RTP forwarding in local event loop.
server for Net::SIP::NATHelper::Client
handling of SIP packets
handle incoming packet by multiple receivers
Send redirect to Requests based on lookup at a registrar
Endpoint for registering SIP clients
handling of SIP request packets
handling of SIP response packets
Parsing and manipulation of SDP data for SIP
Simple interface for using Net::SIP
call context for Net::SIP::Simple
simple RTP handling for Net::SIP::Simple
Simple implementation of a stateless proxy
utility functions used by all of Net::SIP


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