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Changes for version 2.14

  • DSA key bugfix: verify would fail if r had unnecessary leading zeros


Perl client Interface to SSH
Client for agent authentication
Base authentication class, plus utility methods
Keyboard-interactive auth plugin
Password authentication plugin
Perform publickey authentication
Perform RSA authentication
Perform Rhosts authentication
Perform Rhosts-RSA authentication
Authentication manager/context for SSH-2
Low-level read/write buffer class
SSH2 channel object
Manages a list of open channels
Base cipher class, plus utility methods
Wrapper for SSH AES128 CBC support
Wrapper for SSH AES128 support
Wrapper for SSH AES128 CBC support
Wrapper for SSH AES192 support
Wrapper for SSH AES256 CBC support
Wrapper for SSH AES256 support
Base class for SSH AES CBC support
Base class for AES support using CTR (counter) mode.
Wrapper for SSH Blowfish support
CBC Implementation
CFB Implementation
Counter Mode Implementation
provides Chacha20 encryption with Poly1305 Authentication support for Net::SSH::Perl.
Wrapper for SSH DES support
Wrapper for SSH 3DES support
Wrapper for SSH IDEA support
RC4 encryption/decryption
Compression/Decompression base class
Wrapper for SSH Zlib Compression
Load and manage SSH configuration
Exportable constants
SSH2 Key Exchange
Elliptical Curve 25519 Key Exchange using SHA256 hashing.
Diffie-Hellman Group Agnostic Key Exchange
Diffie-Hellman Group 1 Key Exchange (RFC2409 "Second Oakley Group" 1024-bit)
Diffie-Hellman Group 14 Key Exchange (RFC3526 "2048-bit MODP Group")
Diffie-Hellman Group 14 SHA256 Key Exchange (RFC3526 "2048-bit MODP Group")
Diffie-Hellman Group 16 SHA512 Key Exchange (RFC3526 "4096-bit MODP Group")
Diffie-Hellman Group 18 SHA512 Key Exchange (RFC3526 Group 18 "8192-bit MODP Group")
Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange Base Class.
Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange using SHA1 hashing.
Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange using SHA256 hashing.
Public or private key abstraction
DSA key object
Elliptical Curve DSA key object base class
Ed25519 key object
RSA key object
RSA SSH1 key object
MAC support for SSH2
Packet layer of SSH protocol
Use TCP proxy to connect to a host via SSH
SSH1 implementation
SSH2 implementation
Subsystem client base class
Server infrastructure for SSH subsystems
Shared utility functions


in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Auth/ChallengeResponse.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Auth/KeyboardInteractive.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Cipher/DES3.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Handle.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Handle/SSH1.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Handle/SSH2.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Key/ECDSA256.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Key/ECDSA384.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Key/ECDSA521.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Mac.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Mac.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Mac.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Mac.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Util/Authfile.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Util/Hosts.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Util/RSA.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Util/SSH1MP.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Util/SSH1Misc.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Util/Term.pm
in lib/Net/SSH/Perl/Util/Win32.pm