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Changes for version 0.16

  • initial cf fields support and tests -- sunnavy@bestpractical.com, Jacek Pasternak (6af5742, f55d5a, b061eca)
  • add default arrayref for ticket attachments -- plobsinger@gmail.com (c3bd330)
  • stick to the update api: trac doesn't support directly update status and resolution since 0.11.7 -- sunnavy@bestpractical.com (4bd778c, 08492c3)


Interact with a remote Trac instance
Connection to a remote Trac server
Provides persistent credentials for the Trac instance
Create, read, and update tickets on a remote Trac instance
Represents a single attachment for a Trac ticket
A Trac ticket's history
A single history entry for a Trac ticket
A single property change in a Trac ticket history entry
A ticket search (custom query) in Trac