Number::Format::SouthAsian - format numbers in the South Asian style


Formats numbers in the South Asian style. You can read more on Wikipedia here:

The format_number() method has a words parameter which tells it to use words rather than simply separating the numbers with commas.

    my $formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new();
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678);             # 1,23,45,678
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678, words => 1); # 1.2345678 crores

You can also specify words to new(), which has the effect of setting a default value to be used.

    my $formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new(words => 1);
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678);             # 1.2345678 crores
    say $formatter->format_number(12345678, words => 0); # 1,23,45,678

You can also specify "decimals" to either new() or format_number(), which has the effect of rounding any decimals found. Note that this means slightly different things depending on wordiness.

    my $rounding_formatter = Number::Format::SouthAsian->new(decimals => 2);
    say $rounding_formatter->format_number(1234.5678); # 1,234.57
    say $rounding_formatter->format_number(12345678, words => 1); # 1.23 crores


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