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Changes for version 0.32

  • doc fix: to_string was misspelled. Thanks to George Wood of Qualcomm for the report.
  • support for non-10 bases between 2 and 16, so you can say eg: rangespec('8c..c8', {base => 16})->regex and get something like: / 8[c-f] | [9-b][\da-f] | c[0-8] /
  • lots of internal reorganization, dead code trimming, simplification, golfing, futureproofing, and nice-ification of code
  • fix behavior of iterators on empty ranges
  • eliminate EmptyRange.pm, add is_empty()
  • introduce handle-deprecated-cruft.pl to overwrite any old pms that are no longer used
  • fix bug in _collapse_ranges when collapsing twice in a row
  • $opts->{allow_wildcard} no longer not necessary with rangespec() or range() called with explicit arguments ('-inf', '+inf'). allow_wildcard is only necessary when called as range( undef, undef ) ( which looks like range() )


create regular expressions that check for integers in a given range
create iterators for Number::Range::Regex objects


in lib/Number/Range/Regex/CompoundRange.pm
in lib/Number/Range/Regex/Range.pm
in lib/Number/Range/Regex/SimpleRange.pm
in lib/Number/Range/Regex/TrivialRange.pm
in lib/Number/Range/Regex/Util.pm
in lib/Number/Range/Regex/Util/inf.pm